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Honoring our Patriots

Chapter Patriots


Joel Adams, Pvt. MA

Absolom Anderson, Pvt. MD

William Clark Anderson PS. MD

Benajah Baker,   Pvt PS.  RI

John Bruce, PS. VA

Charles Campbell, PS.VA

Benjamin Cockrum, Pvt. VA

Joseph Cody, Sol. MA

Peter Deyo, Lt PS. NY

John Dickinson, PS. VA

Isaac Donaldson, Col PS. PA

John Eubank, Noncom. VA

John Eubank, Pvt. VA

John Hardaway, Noncom. VA

Thomas Hardaway, Pvt. VA

William Houston, Pvt PS. PA

James Lane, Cpl. VA

David Lincoln, Pvt. MA

William Lucas, Staff Of.  VA

William Lynn, Pvt., PA

Frederick Maclin, Lt PS.  VA

Andrew Moore, Ens. PA

Thomas Paine, Pvt. VA

Jonathan Peckham, Lt.   MA

Caleb Pierce, Sgt. RI

Jacob Ramey, Pvt. VA

Jacob Ramey, Sol. VA

John Robinson, PS. NH

Jacob Sykes, Sol. CT

John Tucker, Lt. PA

Jacob Van Meter, Maj. VA
Christian Waldschmi, Pvt., PA

Peter Waldron,  Pvt. NY

William Ware, Sgt. NC

Eliphalet Whittlesey, Sol MA

James Mauldin  Wilson, Pvt. VA

Solomon Woods, Pvt. MA

Regular meetings are held on the 4th Friday, September through May (except November and December adjustments due to the holdidys)

To attend a meeting, contact our registrar for location and time.

We welcome new members! 

We are vibrant, active women who are passionate about community service,

preserving history,

educating children,

as well as honoring and supporting those who serve our nation and those who have served our nation

Oregon Dunes

Significance of the name


      Stretching along the Central Oregon Coast in a long narrow strip, the Oregon Dunes is a unique area. Sand forms it all; deep forests grow on it, water runs through it, and rivers are dammed by it to form lakes. But it is the stark, bare dunes that are the greatest source of wonder.

     The present shoreline stabilized 6,000 years ago. Tides, wave action and strong coastal winds moved sand up to two and a half miles inland for thousands of years. The gently sloping terrace of solid marine sandstone in the Florence area encouraged the build-up of sand into dunes. Many of the dunes, in this 40 mile-long area, rise to 500 feet above sea level.

        The dunes are constantly changing. The introduction of non-native, invasive plant species threatens to completely cover the dunes in some locations. It is an ever-changing environment altered by wind, sand and time. These dunes are like no others in the world. They are the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America.

         Oregon Dunes Chapter NSDAR was organized April 12, 2008, with twelve organizing members.

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